Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I still say fuck hair though!

One of the reasons I stopped working as a hair stylist was that I couldn't make enough money to support myself and my son. It takes time to build a clientele to support booth rental so I was stuck working crappy cheap salons with lots of walk-ins. (They pay minimum wage or commission, whichever is more. Sadly, minimum wage was almost always more.) People who go to the cheapest places rarely are willing to follow you to a nicer salon where they'll have to pay what you're actually worth so you're just kind of spinning your wheels in those places. (Plus it didn't help that I had cataracts and was losing my color vision rapidly along with my tolerance for screaming kids and women with unrealistic expectations (having Jennifer Aniston's hair won't make you look just like Jennifer Aniston, ladies; sorry!) but I digress). Basically, no one in North Carolina wanted to pay a decent price for my services and minimum wage when you have a child to support just isn't going to cut it and that was that. I kept my license up for a number of years and finally let it go because fuck hair and standing on your feet all day, I'll never do it again.

Today I visited a spa's website -- a friend (or actually the girlfriend of a friend's son) just became a licensed massage therapist and got her first real job there, which is awesome (yay Bethany!) I naturally had to peek at their hair prices though and holy fuck they are charging $70 for a basic hair cut and blow dry. 70FUCKINGDOLLARS!!! That means about a $10 to $15 tip per client (assuming people who pay $70 for a hair cut are the type of people who know to tip their stylist) plus $42 commission (assuming booth rental or the salon's cut equals about 40% of the stylist's gross take-in) -- basically $52 to $57 per haircut and style.

Holy cow.


  1. hahha lisssaaa after a longgg time..sure all well buddy..and this one is hilarious and raising post lol..nice to c ya cheerful as ever boss...take care luv

  2. Hi Ramesh! It did not get a notice of your visit to my blog, dear friend. How are you? I should go over to your blog to check on you. Life has been very busy, buddy. I hope you are well. Much love and cheers to you and your family. Your friend, Lisa! ♥


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