Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Would you rather I don't care at all?"

I had to fact-check a RWNJ family member this morning after she posted a full-of-shit Independence Day rant on FB (because it's "very patriotic" to say you're proud of your country but NOT your president on this July 4th, but suggested it be "grounds for treason" when people said the same thing about her beloved Dubya back in '08).

No, Em, parents are not required to keep their kids on their insurance until they are 26. You simply have the option to do so. Also, Obamacare is not forcing all pregnant women to have vaginal ultrasounds, nitwit. It is your can refuse to have an ultrasound if you wish, though that would be pretty negligent on your part. It is in fact anti-choice politicians, mostly male, mostly REPUBLICAN, who have decided that women seeking an abortion are required by law to have a vaginal ultrasound (and jump through numerous other hoops) before terminating their pregnancy. And blah blah blah blah blah....she bitched about too many other untruths about the Affordable Healthcare Act for me to list.

She ended her rant with "people, read up. Don't be a sheep!"

I agree, Em. People should educate themselves. That includes you. Try reading the actual healthcare act instead of WND, Breitbart, and Drudge. Tune your TV to a variety of news outlets, not just FOX!

Her response to my corrections? "Would you rather I don't care at all?"

Yes, actually, that would be preferable. Complacent people don't perpetuate and spread untruths.

I'm not saying willful ignorance in all forms isn't damaging. It is. Just saying that I'd rather people whose allegiance is to a political party rather than facts, who don't know the difference between truth and propaganda, keep their hypocritical mouths shut.