Thursday, October 27, 2016

Awesome reality show ideas

1. First-world trophy hunters who travel the globe hunting exotic animals for sport are ambushed while stalking their latest prey and thrown weaponless into an inescapable pit full of the same animal they were about to murder. The psychos who were hunting harmless creatures like giraffes are dropped into a pit of hungry rats.

2. Male politicians who work to make reproductive freedom for women illegal (or less accessible) lose rights over their bodies and reproductive choices for one day. Those with healthy, working organs are tied up by women they've previously slut-shamed then forced to ejaculate, their sperm inseminated into a gay or single woman who really wants children but keeps being told by asshole bible thumpers that she should be excluded from the adoption process. What?! If God didn't want you to make babies, he wouldn't have give you sperm, right? If she gets pregnant it's God's will! Those with ED are denied access to Viagra et al for the entire rest of their life, those who've had vasectomies get their mouths sewn shut.

3. Cheaters: Christian Evangelical Edition. Self-explanatory.

I could do this all day.

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